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An array of high quality, value-priced Woodstock chimes, Amazing Grace wind chimes and bronze wind bells. Many options for custom wind chimes and personalized chimes - unique memorial wind chimes, funeral wind chimes, and windchimes to mark special occasions.
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Amazing Grace - Medium. "Listen to the Wind" (A FAVORITE!)
Amazing Grace - Medium. "A Beautiful Soul" Personalized
Amazing Grace - Medium. "Guardian Angel" Personalized
Amazing Grace - Medium. "Those We Love" Personalized
Amazing Grace - Medium. "When Someone You Love" Personalized
Amazing Grace - Medium. Personalized (OUR #1 BEST SELLING CHIME)
Chimes of Jerusalem - Medium. Personalized
Irish Blessing Wind Chime - Large. Personalized (BEST SELLER)
Irish Blessing Wind Chime - Medium. Personalized (BEST SELLER)
Klezmer Chime - Medium. Personalized
Love you Bunches - Medium. Personalized
Mother's Legacy Garden of the Heart Chime - Medium. Personalized
Shalom Chime - Large. Personalized
Amazing Grace - Medium. "A Heart So Deeply Loved" Personalized
Amazing Grace - Large. "Perhaps They Are Not Stars..."
Amazing Grace - Large. Personalized (BEST SELLER)
Amazing Grace - Small. "In Loving Memory"
Amazing Grace - Small. Personalized
Amazing Grace - Small. "An Angel got Her/His Wings"
Amazing Grace - Small. "Listen to the Wind" (A FAVORITE!)
Amazing Grace Wind Chimes (Plain) - 3 Sizes - S, M, L
Desktop Display Stand For Small Size Wind Chimes
Memories - Sonnet Chime. Large 44" (BEST SELLER)
Amazing Grace Wind Chime. Stained Glass Cross
Celtic - Irish Chime Cross (NEW!)
Custom Wind Chime - 3 sizes - S, M, L. Personalized
Healing Chimes - Chakra Chimes (BEST SELLER). Small
Photo Wind Chime - 3 Sizes - S, M, L. Personalized
Gregorian Chime - Small Soprano. "Always in our Hearts"
Gregorian Chime - Small Soprano. Personalized
Gregorian Wind Chimes (Plain) - 3 Sizes - S, M, L
Gregorian Chime - Medium Alto. Personalized (BEST SELLER)
Gregorian Chime - Large Tenor. Personalized (BEST SELLER)
Gregorian Chime - Large Baritone
Gregorian Chime - Large Baritone. Personalized
Butterfly Wind Chime
Anniversary - Wedding Wind Chime
Anniversary - Wedding Wind Chime. Personalized
Housewarming - Realtor® Thank You Chimes - Sizes S, M, L
Wedding Wind Chime
Wedding Wind Chime. Personalized
Bronze Wind Bell
Bronze Wind Bell
Bronze Wind Bell
Bronze Wind Bell - Large

Why choose Woodstock chimes? Woodstock chimes are the original precision-tuned, high quality windchime, created by Grammy Award-winning musician Garry Kvistad. Woodstock chimes are tuned to beautiful melodies and scales from around the world, and have been the choice of discerning customer for almost 35 years! Big Hug carries a number of wind chimes from Woodstock's top of the line "Signature Collection" that include an array of handcrafted classic chimes, as well as many a tuned wind chime to provide years of enjoyment. Gregorian chimes in small, medium and large windchime sizes (and even a Gregorian Baritone chime considered a long wind chime, huge wind chime or giant wind chime) are those that echo the "Gregorian chant" in European churches of the Gothic era. Woodstock's line of Amazing Grace chimes, are also available in small, medium and large wind chime sizes. These Amazing Grace wind chimes are tuned to the opening notes of one of America's best-loved and widely known hymns, and are often selected by our customers for use as memorial wind chimes and wind chimes for funerals.

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